Main Street Settlements


If you are refinancing your home, Main Street will take care of the details. Working with your lender or broker, Main Street will guide you through the process that will conclude with a short, and pleasant, settlement experience.

The process is started by either you or your lender or broker contacting us. From there, we will order the necessary title abstract, and obtain some loan payoff information from you. From your perspective, that is pretty much all you need to do, other than show up for settlement. Main Street and your lender or broker will take care of the work.

If at any time during the process you have a question, you may call the processor that is handling your refinance, or you may talk with John Ferguson, the owner of Main Street.

On a refinance of your principal residence, Federal law requires that you have a three day recision period in which to change your mind and “undo” your settlement. If you are getting cash out from your refinance, you will have to wait three business days until you receive your money.

Main Street Settlements

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